I want to make the most of time at work

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I want to make the most of time at work

Post by humility »

For the longest time I've been so and so with workouts. I figured I would wait until I could give it 100% of attention before getting serious. I wanted to put effort towards maxing out hours at work instead.

But then I found this pair of 12lb weights at a thrift store for $5. I know I could have always bought weights but I have a zero tolerance policy to unnecessary purchases unless Im getting a great deal.

And with them I thought I could start really exercising. While at work. (I work security so tend to have a lot of free time)

The exercises I do are normally just squats, jumping jacks and pushing up off a wall. But I wasn't making any additional progress doing just those. (I don't want to try anything that can hurt me if form is bad, because form is ALWAYS bad)

So I started doing squats with the weights and was achieving muscle failure again.

As for push ups I found with the weights I could set them on the desk and use them to brace myself as I push upped. (I can't normally use the desk because the edge cuts up hands and hand slides over the top due to sweat)

As for jumping jacks, I just do two sets of 50 of them at the start to warm up anyway. I probably would need new shoes to do better as current shoes are, misshapen and pinch me. But rule against buying unnecessary things means I can't replace them. So 100 is about as many as I can do before feet hurt too much.

exercise goal is to be able to one day do a real on the ground push up.

Anyway I've been at it for 2 weeks now and recovery is kind of slow. I'm 29 in a month so maybe I'm just getting old. Like its been a full week since last wipe out and despite doing basically nothing that whole week everything still feels a little stiff and sore. I've eaten a lot of tuna straight from the can to provide protein. And I mix vitamin tablets in with Ramen noodles to maximize vitamin absorption. Also I have been extra sleepy these past 2 weeks, not sure if related. Might just be 24 hour a day work schedule catching up to me.

Anyway was just going to ask for advice on recovery but figured I would also ask for ideas of how I can make the exercises themselves better.

FYI I prefer science backed approaches. Nothing holistic or traditional please.
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Re: I want to make the most of time at work

Post by Boss Man »

You say you don't make unneccessary purchases, but if the shoes pinch and hurt then getting better fitting ones can count as a necessary purchase, because you don't need to be forcing yourself to wear uncomfortable shoes if you have a better option you can choose :).

When you say make the exercises better, do you mean supplementing the regime with more exercises, or being better at the ones you are currently doing?
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Re: I want to make the most of time at work

Post by Mtech.stud »

Hello Humility!

I would agree with Bossman that purchasing a good pair of workout shoes is a considerably necessary purpose. Having shoes that are worn out could risk putting a strain on your muscles, risking injury. They will also give you support as you go about your other work duties during your shift.

It is difficult to tell you how to build a strength and conditioning program while you are at work. Much of the necessary equipment would be provided in a gym. I will try best to layout science recommended regiments to get the most out of your fitness time. "The American College of Sport's Medicine Guidelines for Exercise Perscription" states that the frequency and duration of 30-60 min per day of moderate-intensity, 20-60 min per day of vigorous-intensity exercise, or a combination. For weight management, longer durations of exercise 60-90 min per day may be needed, especially individuals who spend large amounts of time in sedentary behaviors" (ACSM, 2018). With your busy schedule, I would recommend going with the 30-60 min per day range. Especially if you are doing mainly bodyweight exercises. Though strength training with weight will also benefit you.

In Matt Brzycki's "A Practical Approach to Strength Training" He lists the ten principles of strength training. I also recommend this book! It has a ton of science back information and this book on Amazon was about $4.00.
1) Train with a high level of intensity
2) Attempt to increase the resistance used or the repetitions performed every work out.
3) Perform one set of each exercise to the point of muscular exhaustion.
4) Reach concentric muscular failure within a prescribed number of repetitions or amount of time
5) Perform each repetition with proper technique.
6) Strength train for no more than one hour per workout
7) Perform no more than about 14 exercises each workout
8) Whenever possible, the muslces should be exercised largest to smallest
9) Strength train 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days
10) Keep accurate records of performance

I don't want to bog you with too much information, but I hope this helps to approach it! I would also recommned taking a look at the RDA intake guidelines. This has wonderful nutrition information that will help you fuel your body and get those gains! Also of course helping in the recovery process of your muscles, feeding them with the nutrition they need.
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Re: I want to make the most of time at work

Post by rvn2590@yahoo.com »

Drinking lots of water helps supplement an exercise program. Lots of sleep helps the body recover as well.
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Re: I want to make the most of time at work

Post by RandolphRay »

It's good that you have time for exercising and you are confident in yourself! You should also give your body time to rest. You need enough sleep and a balanced diet to recover. Don't forget about vitamins in this difficult period. You say that you are very sleepy, look at the quality of sleep, not the quantity.
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Re: I want to make the most of time at work

Post by mark031111 »

To step things up, you might want to consider adding resistance bands to your routine. They're affordable, versatile, and can provide that extra challenge as you progress. Keep up the good work!
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Re: I want to make the most of time at work

Post by Mexamer »

I am new to this but I want to get a perfect shape finally
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