Help with finding a home gym manual - Formula Ventures

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Help with finding a home gym manual - Formula Ventures

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I purchased a used Body Tech II home gym from chiropractor. It was disassembled and came with no manual. It's a fairly old machine but husband is trying desperately to reassemble it so he can get back into weight training. The company went out of business and I have come to a dead end on the internet. Does anyone have any idea where I could find an old manual, or does anyone have this machine and could show us pics of how it is put together?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! It is a Body Tech II, by Formula Ventures, Model # 90690-01 ... I think. It is hard to read the model number due to wear. I can read 90_90-01, and from previous internet searches I am guessing it's 90690.

Thank you!
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