Diet assistance for HIIT sessions

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Diet assistance for HIIT sessions

Post by justdavidjames »

Hi guys,
Brand new to this so apologies in advance if I make any mistakes.
I'm currently using a very well known "as advertised on TV" high intensity workout programme, it suits me as i'm a single Dad and can work around the kids extra curricular activities, mainly football and more football.....
So initially I was using it as a weight loss tool, I'm 6ft4" and at one stage was about 18 stone, im now down to in and around 16.6 ish, yes I have a little more to lose but I can also start to see some great results in terms of physical shape, I try not to focus on the weight issue as much now, more how clothes fit etc....anyway, question today is, im concerned that I may be under eating or not eating as well as I should, I tend to have Weetabix (3/4) for breakfast, sometimes I may have scrambled eggs and grilled bacon.... chicken salad for lunch with small portion of pasta, if I get hungry at work I could have a few Jaffa cakes or an ice lolly mid afternoon depending on the weather (office bound job by the way) dinner could be anything from spag bol, steak and green beans and broccoli, chicken and mash, I really try hard not to snack at all after dinner but some evenings I may break and have some chocolate or few biscuits depending on the will power that day.i always try and eat fruit or veg every day also.... I always try and have a protein shake after I finish HIIT sessions, and on average im doing 4/6 sessions a week, not sure if I have provided enough info here, ive no idea on the actual calorie count for the day, but I think the average HIIT session im doing can burn anywhere from 400/700 calories...... should I be eating more? less? any advice would be great, thanks all.....
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Re: Diet assistance for HIIT sessions

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Hi David, good to talk to you.

Personally I don't think you have much to worry about on the diet, but you could have something in the evening, as long as it's a sensible and small portion I:E: no more than 200 calories; especially on the days when you're doing the HIIT, to perhaps add extra fuel for workouts or recovery from workouts, but then you could keep your calories a bit lower on non-workout days.
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Re: Diet assistance for HIIT sessions

Post by Ashy123 »

Would it be possible for you to meal prep? I find that if I prep meals twice a week (on sunday and wednesday) I don't snack at all :) I like to eat every 3 hours- usually this means bringing 2-3 meals to work with me, which I eat at desk. You may find this article helpful It goes over the basics of meal prep. Honestly though, once you get into a routine of prepping your food, it's so easy to stay on track and reach your goals. Good luck!
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