Survey Posting Please Read

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Survey Posting Please Read

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This notification is intended mainly to new users posting links to surveys.

1. It is courteous to ask first if it is okay, do not presume it is okay as many have done before now. Please respect us by seeking clarification.

2. Do not double post as this has happened before and it is inconsiderate.

3. You may be asked to clarify what primary and possibly secondary reason(s) your survey exists for, if your initial reason(s) for linking to it are deemed not 100% transparent. Do not be offended, as this is to understand the full extent of the need for the information gathered. You are asking for help off members therefore it is sensible for us to look out for our members, by us asking you for additional information on what your survey results / information and data will be used for.

Your survey link will be censored and therefore partially disabled in such circumstances, until you give what is deemed a suitable answer, in which case the link will be uncensored. However should you give a reason that is deemed unsuitable the survey will be deleted.

As I'm sure you will understand this forum is not here to help people gather information that may eventually be used for the development of apps, e-books, other media or anything that could be promoted on places like Amazon or Click Bank for example, as the individual benefits but we don't and it's not our responsibility to help people develop second incomes, or get more traffic and possible increased search engine positioning where their projects are concerned.

Thank you for reading

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