To Guests RE: Disposable Email Addresses

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To Guests RE: Disposable Email Addresses

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In recent weeks we have had spammers attempting to sign up with disposable email addresses.

This includes the likes of yopmail, guerillamail, meltmail etc and I have banned quite a few of these addresses, so anyone attempting to sign up with one shouldn't be able to, regardless of what prefix occurs before the suffix.

This is not meant to put legitimate site users off from signing up and enjoying the forums, but to further increase our effectiveness at preventing spam.

Not all disposable email services have been blocked, as I don't have time at present to scour the net looking for more potential providers, so if you do try to sign up using one that has not been blocked, do be aware that you might be misconstrued as a spammer and banned.

To prevent this, it is reccomended that you use a normal send and recieve email address to sign up and register to the site.

Many thanks

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