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gave some behind the head pull downs a try last night. brutal. i hate the feeling
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teppum42 wrote: Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:29 am I've seen people doing cables with the "V-bar" - is that the narrow grip you mention? Also, I've see this bar in the shape of a "U" that people use for cable rows ( here's a picture- they call it a Revolving Cable Row or Lat Pull Down Bar Handle. But I feel like arms are way out from body when I use that.

Then I also see people use the individual handles for cable rows- where there are two cables and they put a handle on each one.

Is there a preference, or how do those different handles work different muscles during the cable row?

OK, I know it's an old thread but this was a question that I was always wondering about. A friend, who is a physical therapist, explained to me that the different grips activate the muscles in a different way. I never realized but even when doing bicep curls your triceps and many other muscles are also firing. That is why I think it's important to vary grip and width on the bars to build complete strength and prevent injuries.
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