How to start with health Issues

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Stephen M
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How to start with health Issues

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I have a number of road blocks to get fitter. I am 48 6ft and weigh 13 stone

1. I have a number of health issues and therefor take quite a lot of medication which leaves me feeling tired all the time.

2. Motivation to exercise is almost non existent even though I think about it and know I need to desperately need to exercise to help health issues

3. I feel really uncomfortable at the gym. I don't look like I am out of shape but a 1/4 mile walk with dog needs me leaving sleep. A certain amount of this is down to medication but not all of it. I have a prescription from hospital to use local gym but as i mentioned i feel so uncomfortable seeing so many people who are really fit and feel intimidated. There never seems to be a quiet time in gym.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Stephen
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Boss Man
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Re: How to start with health Issues

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Hi Stephen good to talk to you.

Firstly it's good that you have come to the realisation that you need ot help yourself, you should be proud of that and that's the first step to a better you.

Secondly, you don't need to feel intimidated about other people in the gym. Remember that some of them are going to be people trying to get over physical hangups, or are maintaining the results they have gotten trying to get over physical hangups, so they might feel or have felt in the past a little uneasy being around other people, but the vast majority of people will either talk to you or just let you get on with things, they are not likely to judge you, so you shouldn't really have an issue with any of them, but I can appreciate that that does happen and it's okay to feel uneasy around strangers, in a fairly large but ultimately still confined space and there's no shame in it, or any need to feel inadequate, or pathetic, or stupid, or wussy, or anything like that, if you have ever felt any of those emotions before, because for some people those feelings of unease in that environment will be or have been all too real and accepting you have little to worry about from the people in there, can be a small but beneficial part of your process to a better you and you are an important person in the context of your life and you deserve to be in there doing what you wish as much as anyone else, if you're using the facilities responsibily and you are not acting innappropriately on multiple occasions to other people :).

Obviously you have certain health concerns which it is not right to pry into, but yours to disclose if you want to and so it is a case of working around those as best as you can, but that also depends of course on the exact nature of you goal(s).
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