To new users RE: Fat Loss Products (READ THIS)

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To new users RE: Fat Loss Products (READ THIS)

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To anyone linking to blogs or websites trying to promote any type of fat loss system, there is a very strong chance you WILL be banned and links can and will be will be altered, so they cannot be re-posted by anybody else without looking corrupted.

I do not care if you say I have found this site I am wondering if it's any good please let me know and it has links to a for profit weight loss system, you will be considered to be ILLEGALLY promoting and BANNED. NO EXCEPTIONS. I know your behaviour, I know what you are doing you will be BANNED and I don't care if you say you found the site or stumbled across it either, if it's considered to be yours or belonging to someone you might know and I think you are ILLEGALLY promoting yours or someone else's site you will get BANNED.

I am not going to tolerate people trying to come here and make money off fat loss systems by using us to do it. This site is NOT here to promote unauthorised money making, DO YOU UNDERSTAND.
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